About Me - Montesa Bryant Photography

For as long as I can remember, photography has been a part of my life. It was an interest inspired and nurtured by my mother and it continues to be a major part of my life. While I enjoy all aspects of photography, portraits are my passion. I love relaxed lifestyle sessions because they capture the spirit and individuality of each person, the grins, the grimaces, and everything in between.

My sessions are all about capturing your personality and spirit. The best sessions are more like "playtime" than a portrait sitting. I'll worry about helping your to look your best, you just relax and be yourself!

I grew up in Central Florida, but North Florida has been my home for over 14 years now. From the beaches of Jacksonville to the gentle hills of Tallahassee, Florida offers the most beautiful locations for photography. Downtown Tallahassee mixes interesting architecture and historic charm. Railroad Square Art Park adds a quirky, cool edge. Jacksonville's striking Riverfront area and beautiful beaches make wonderful locations. With such diversity, we're sure to find the perfect location for your portraits.

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